TIASN (Technology Intervention for Addressing Societal Needs)

“To develop a technology driven intervention of Psychological First Aid (PFA) model for mental health challenges”

Mental health foundation (India) is working in Tihar prison since last one year and addressing the psychological needs and problems of the inmates. We have observed from our interventions in Tihar Prison that inmates require a continued and sustainable psychological first aid services to cope up with aggression, remorse and guilt anxiety, depression and other negative emotions and psychoactive substance use. Majority of these issues can be handled by basic counseling, psychotherapy, teaching stress management and relaxation techniques. Further it is also observed that few inmates need proper assessment of psychopathology and referral services for treatment of acute cases of anxiety depression and poor impulse control. This will help in reducing the incidence and prevalence of violence, interpersonal relationship issues among inmates and create an enabling environment for improving quality of life and reduction in the chances of repeating the offences. These interventions have also been found helpful in improving the inmates and correctional staff relationship. Hence, we have decided to develop an application for facilitators and field workers of Psychological First Aid to make the model sustainable and replicable. It' will be an innovative new approach to mental health care in prisons where in modal of assessment of psychological problems and intervention will be developed.

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