SATYAM (Science And Technology of Yoga And Meditation)

“Effect of 30 minutes of Yoga and Meditation and lifestyle modification in comparison to standard treatment on persons with mild to moderate depressive disorders”

SATYAM is a DST funded project which was initiated based upon our clear understanding that the modern medicine alone can’t be sufficient enough for the treatment and/or remission of illnesses. Therefore, the alternative options of treatment from the treasure of our ancient methods may turn out to be highly effective in both the ways, financially and clinically. This research will be a landmark study as it is a specifically designed and customized Yoga program which would cater to the specific needs of the illnesses. This method will be useful to prevent relapse of depressive disorders in patients. It may also lead to reduction in the doses of antidepressant medication, reducing the cost & duration of the treatment and side effects of the medication. Therefore, it can be effectively used as an adjunct to pharmacotherapy or as an alternative treatment for mild to moderate depressive disorder.

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