Mental Health Fiesta

Mental Health Fiesta


Since 2014, every year on October 10, we celebrate the World Mental Health Day in association with Department of Psychiatry, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi at JLN Auditorium, AIIMS, New Delhi. After organizing a Conference and Conclaves in first three years, in 2017 we organized India's First Mental Health Festival which witnessed participation of more than 1000 people from more than 15 states of India and fewer countries abroad. In 2018, with India’s Biggest Mental Health Festival, Mental Health Foundation (India) put forth its 5th Celebration of World Mental Health Day. The Festival brought together the youth of this country to express themselves, exchange ideas and start a dialogue on how important their mental health is. By laying great emphasis on art and its relation to mental health, we provided a platform for individuals to explore themselves and their idea of mental health through creative means and promote mental well-being. The Festival was a call to the Youth of the Nation to take responsibility for bringing about the change in mental health that this country needs.

“Dear Diary, why do my classmates tease me? Why does nobody like me? I told mum and my counsellor about it and they’ve supported me so much! If all these big kids are like Thanos, and mum is like Captain America, always shielding me. I told papa also, but he says it’s all in good fun. I wonder how?”
Our battles against bullying will be emotionally overwhelming, scary and uncomfortable. But in those struggles, we must look for our Superheroes! The Professor Xaviers to X-men; the survivors who never gave up, the parents who fought back and the friends who stood by like a rock, the counsellors who sincerely committed to their purpose, the bully who began to care and change!
With this battle spirit, we announce the first theme for Mental Health Fiesta 2019! If you are a survivor of bullying or trying to support the immensely loved ones who are, join the forces on 4th October at JLN Auditorium! We announce our superheroes soon, stay tuned!

sometimes in thinking too much about too many things all together, we overwhelm ourselves. we become less connected to reality and more attached to chaotic thoughts; our breaths may start breathing too fast, our heart may start beating too loud, our palms may feel sweaty but our mouths may feel parched. It is then that we Ground ourselves; we hold the nearest tangible entity - a tabletop, a pillow, a hand - and remind ourselves that we are not these chaotic thoughts, but that conscious self acceptance, those positive affirmations, that social support, that song, those softer breaths that we provided our friends when we had helped them Ground their chaotic mental states. We must recognise those things that Ground our subjective experiences and seek their support when we feel helpless. Tell us what Grounds your mental states! Comment below, so maybe more people can try it.

The Mental Health Fiesta 2019 Attendee Registrations are Now Open! Clear your schedule because this 4th October is about Us; We are the Cause, We are the People! Through Fiesta 2019 we aspire to take Mental Health Awareness further through Conscious Action; to Empower Our Society by Equipping Ourselves! Register today and register now to come aboard the festivities with a brilliant cluster of mental health professionals, immensely passionate youth, enthusiastic performers and attendee interactive stalls!

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